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Try a DAZL dance session, classes across Leeds for anyone aged 3 -25 years. We’re here to make sure you have fun even if you’ve never danced before. DAZL can introduce you to all kinds of dance; Street, Cheerdance, Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Creative, Jazz, Contemporary and more … Express yourself, you’ll have a great time make new friends, not to mention keeping fit whilst filling you with confidence, improving your health and wellbeing!


DAZL is a not-for-profit dance and health charity and limited company.

DAZL uses community development principals and practice along with high quality dance to deliver health outputs. We rely on grant income as well as a discreet level of social enterprise in order to ensure we can continue to work towards our charitable aims. DAZL starts where children and young people are at and responding to the need of the local community. By offering fun, relevant and accessible dance opportunities our primary aim is to improve health and wellbeing for disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people age 3-25 years in Leeds. We provide year round opportunities that meet young people and the local communities needs.  So if there is something we are not doing – ask us and let’s work together!

We are a uniquely positioned organisation with partnerships across key sectors delivering quality dance opportunities and training and our secondary aim is to improve health and wellbeing through dance for the wider communities of Leeds.

A DAZL participant  will be clear about their options, enabled to make positive choices, confident, happy and healthy.

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  • We understand the communities we work with across Leeds, particularly those who have barriers to provision.
  • We aspire to have the best quality dance teachers/ Artists.
  • We value young people.
  • We value families and their involvement.
  • We are dedicated to improving health and well-being through dance.

  • We are dedicated to improving access for the community’ nurturing and supporting them to become part of DAZL.
  • We meet young people where they are at; culturally, geographically and structurally.
  • We make positive contributions to young people achieving their life goals.
  • We are committed to moving young people towards careers in dance, related fields and Further/ Higher Education.



Dance Action Zone Leeds was established in 2000 and funded by the Health Action Zone. Initially the project provided an alternative physical activity option for young women in deprived areas of South Leeds who were not engaging in more traditional sports or school PE lessons. Recognised as an innovation in Public Health by the Chief Medical Officer, DAZL became a Registered Charity in 2004 supported by Leeds NHS and now Leeds City Council Public Health Department. DAZL has grown significantly, expanding to develop new projects and initiatives in targeted areas, and the programme is part of the Childhood Obesity Strategy for Leeds with particular focus on the government’s “Choosing Health; Choosing Activity” agenda and the Public Service Agreement (PSA) target to reduce children’s obesity levels.

DAZL Primary Aim – To improve the mental and physical health of children and young people aged 3 – 19 years, particularly girls, through dance as physical activity in disadvantaged communities of Leeds.

DAZL Secondary aim – To reduce health inequalities, improving the health and wellbeing of children, young adults with disabilities up to 25 years, families and the wider community throughout Yorkshire through asset-based community dance and wider dance opportunities.

In 2008 DAZL were awarded “Highly Commended” at the Health Service Journal Awards. 2010 won “community organisations of the year” at 2010 Community Awards, In September 2012 DAZL moved into a new office base at Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre in Middleton where they have access to amazing facilities to run some of their community development dance programmes, but works peripatetically in the communities it serves. In 2014 DAZL won Best Overall Contribution to Child Friendly Leeds at The Child Friendly Leeds Awards and Received an Excellence In Public Health Award 2016.



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  • Competitive Dance Competitive Dance DAZL Diamonds & DAZL Goldstars are the official championship winning Cheerdance / Hip-Hop Teams of DAZL.
  • Community Dance Groups Community Dance Groups Throughout the year a large number of participants have engaged with DAZL’s other activity as a direct result of being involved various programmes.
  • Disability Dance Disability Dance The DAZL VINE Cheerdance Project starting in January 2011, the aim of this programme is to deliver Cheerdance to young people between 14 and 24 years.
  • DAZL Boys DAZL Boys We offer many opportunities for boys of all ages from 3 year old upwards, in all types of styles to suit the physical aspects of dance that interest boys.
  • Schools Schools DAZL’s Active 4 Life programme aims to increase involvement of inactive children by offering a range of fun activities delivered with an inclusive ethos.

Try a DAZL dance session

Classes across Leeds for anyone aged 3 -25 years. We're here to make sure you have fun even if you've never danced before. DAZL can introduce you to all kinds of dance; Street / Cheerdance / Hip-Hop/ Breakdance/ Creative /Jazz and Contemporary and more.... Express yourself, you'll have a great time make new friends, not to mention keeping fit whilst filling you with confidence!

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