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Updated DAZL Diamonds Summer 2014 Programme

Updated programme as times were wrong on flyer for Tiny Hip Hop & Mini Boys Hip Hop- they continue to have their regular session on Tuesday 4-5pm and No senior boys of Saturday Mornings at the Hub & DAZL Xplode continues its regular Saturday session 11am-12pm. Sorry for any confusion


DAZL Boys @ NSCD - Kick Off Boys Platform 14

NSCD proudly presented the - Kick Off, a boys’ youth dance platform celebrating local and regional talent. Kick Off was Breeze Arts Festival funded project, and is the culmination of a six-week partnership between NSCD, DAZL, RJC Dance and Carr Manor High School. The dancers have worked with regionally-based artist Donald Edwards to create a piece focused on athleticism and physicality, whilst expanding their creative potential and improving their confidence through dance. The platform performance also included the  YYD students and ReBuzz (Rotherham Boys Project), plus current and previous artists from NSCD. The performance will celebrate progression routes and personal development in dance for young male students in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire.

Below pics of DAZL Youth and Senior Boys who opened the show.... - Thank you Tracey Whitney from NSCD and BREEZE for making this happen :)



DAZL - Work-Placement

DAZL would like to say a massive well done to John Shaw and Allijah Campbell from Cockburn High School on a wonderful 2week placement. The lads to part in projects/ events, teaching young people in schools and community settings and also went to Leeds Met to look at been a reserch for the Day with Dr Rebecca Watson. Really inspire two lads and great to see more boys wanting to take up dance as a career.

We wish them all the luck in the future!



DAZL @ Breeze Leeds 2014

DAZL would like to thank BREEZE Leeds for some wonderful events over the past weeks which DAZL has been lucky enough to be involved in such as BREEZE on Brigget where we had the DAZL Diamonds Juniors perform. Such a wonderful day - for more info/ videos and pictures please LIKE our facebook page - Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL)


DAZL @ Tour De France 2014

DAZL, RJC Dance and ProEvents teamed up to work with De-Napoli Clarke to create a wonderful mass dance which was featured on ITV and The Calendar New - 4 times throughout the day were all so proud of you all xx


DAZL Summer Programmes

DAZL Summer Programmes are now on our website http://www.dazl.org.uk/Classes-and-Events/Classes  please click on the logos which say Summer Dance, the wards/ area are underneith each one so you know which programme is where. this is also on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/danceactionzoneleeds so please LIKE Us. You can find all info on Summer Activity and Regular Claases on these pages too along with the BREEZE Leeds Website and Doing Good Leeds website.

We have some amazing summer sessions going on at DAZL 

GIPTON - DAZL Goldstars  - Streetdance £2 per session
5pm6pm  (3-15yrs)
4.30pm – 5.30pm – Tiny Dance (3-5yrs)
4.30pm – 6pm Cheerdance - Mini, youth & Junior (6-16yrs)
@ St Nicks Church Hall, Oakwood Lane, Gipton, LS9 6QY

SEACROFTDAZL GoldstarsStreetdance £1 per session
4.30pm – 5.30pm (11-16yrs)
@ Dennis Healy Community Centre, Foundry Mill Street, Seacroft, LS14 6RD

BELLE ISLEDAZL XplodeCheerdance / Urban £2 per session
10am-11am (3-6yrs)
11am12pm (7yrs+)
@ The South Leeds Youth Hub, Middleton Road, Leeds LS10 3JA

Summer Dance Activity


ROTHWELL - DAZL Reloaded - Cheerdance / streetdance £3 per session
Mondays - 28th July & 4th August 10am to 1pm 
age 3-6 years + 7-11yrs
@ The Scout Hut, 45a Haigh Road, Rothwell, LS26 0LW

MORLEY - DAZL Allstars - Cheerdance / Streetdance £3 per half day
Tuesdays - 29th July, 5th, 12th, 19th August
10am - 12pm - age 7-11yrs
12.30am - 2.30pm - age 11-16yrs
@ ACTIVZONE, Texas St, Morley, LS27 0HG

TINGLEY- DAZL Revolution - Cheerdance & Urban £5 per day
Fridays - 8th & 22nd August
10am - 2pm - age 6-13yrs
@ Tingley Youth Centre, Smithy Lane, WF3 1QQ

EAST ARDSLEY - DAZL Xtreme - Cheerdance & Urban £5 per day
Fridays - 1st & 15th August
10am-2pm - age 6-13yrs
@ St Gabriels Community Centre, Fall Lane, East Ardsley, WF3 2BG

SEACROFT - DAZL Goldstars - Cheerdance & Urban £1 per session

Wed 30th July, 6th, 13th, 20th August - 10am- 2pm
Thur 31st July, 7th, 14th, 21st August - 10am-2pm
Age 6-12yrs (bring a packed lunch)
@ Dennis Healy Community Centre, Foundry Mill Street, Seacroft, LS14 6RD

CROSSGATES - DAZL Goldstars - Cheerdance & Urban £1 per session
Mon 28th July, 4th, 11th, 18th August - 9.30am - 12.30pm
Tues 29th July, 5th, 12th, 19th August - 9.30am-12.30pm
Fri 1st, 8th,15th,22nd August - 12pm - 3pm
Age 6-12yrs
@ Crossgates Community Centre, Maryfield Avenue, LS15 7TU

BURMANTOFTS  - DAZL Inspire - Cheerdance & Urban £1 per session
Tues 29th July, 12th August - 10am - 1pm
Wed 30th July, 13th August - 10am-1pm
Thu 31st July, 14th August - 10am - 1pm
Age 6-12yrs
@ Ebor Gardens Community Centre, Haslewood Drive, LS9 7PS

DAZL Diamonds Auditions & Summer Programme 2014


DAZL Diamonds are selecting the NEW 2014-15 Team its your chance to get involved guys please click link to flyer .

Hope to see you at the tasters/ auditions




http://www.dazl.org.uk/sites/default/files/DAZL_Docs/DAZL%20DIAMONDS%20Summer%202014.pdf - DAZL Diamonds Summer programme Flyer - 6th, 7th, 20th, 21st August 2014


DAZL Diamonds & Goldstars Come Home With Gold

Congratulations to all the dancers for a wonderful, sucsessful competition at this years Cheer& Chant, Blackpool 2014 - we are so proud of you.


DD duet mini  Madi & izzy - 1st place

DD duet youth  Ruby & Tilly - 4th place
DD duet junior  Fallon & kaci - 2nd place
DD duet junior Abbie & charley -  5th place
DD junior Jessica & Megan -  6th place
DD duet senior Scott & Allijah-  6th place
DD duet senior John & chicken -  2nd place
DD duet junior Harvey & Kennedy - no place
DD duet senior Sarah & john  - 3rd place
DD Tiny Pom - 3rd place
DD Tiny Hiphop - 1st place
DD Mini Pom - 1st place
DD Mini Hiphop - 1st place
DD Youth Pom - 2nd place
DD Youth Hiphop- 1st place
DD Junior Pom - 2nd place
DD Junior Hiphop - 1st place
DD Senior boys Pom - 2nd place
DD Seniors boys Hiphop - 1st place
DD Senior girls Pom - 1st place
DD Senior girls Hiphop - 2nd place
DD Mums - 2nd place
GG Tiny Pom - 2nd place
GG youth Pom - 3rd place
GG youth Hiphop - 2nd place
GG junior Pom - 1st place
GG junior Hiphop - 2nd place


DAZL Goldstars in Yorkshire Evening Post (PRESS)


fantastic artical on the DAZL Goldstars in The Yorkshire Evening Post 17th June 2014 - from there success at The Cheer & Chant Championships

Well done guys from us all at DAZL.......



DAZL @ #SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK Event

I just wanted to say how PROUD i am of all the DAZL Diamonds and their parents/ supports for the wonderful turnout today and performances... we have raised hundreds of £££ (Full total not yet revealed) for a wonderful cause. #SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK - #JenniferTrust .... Your all amazing were so proud of you all..... please share and tag all your pictures of the wonderful event on facebook and twitter 


DAZL @ Leeds Half Marathon 2014


Well done for all the DAZL Diamonds & Gipton Goldstar Dancers and parents who come and joined in the Leeds Half Marathon Mini & Junior Run having 182 took part which is a massive achievement for yourselves and for DAZL getting the whole family active. Wonderful performance from DAZL Diamonds Tiny Hip-Hop Crew, to see all the pics & videos check out Dance Action Zone Leeds on Facebook or DAZL Diamonds on instagram.

Also a massive well done Director Ian Rodley & Parents Rowena & Daniel for completing the Full 13.1mile its truly amazing, the young people cheering the racers over the lane was just fantastic.



DD May Half Term Programme 14

Please click on link below for May Half Term Programme for DAZL Diamonds http://www.dazl.org.uk/sites/default/files/DAZL_Docs/DD%20May%20Half%20Term%2014.pdf

Well Done for Healping the

Well done guys -  WE ALL RAISED £387.47p and in just 1 1/2 hours that's amazing and this is a such a good cause, its always good to help others PLEASE remember that - WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL!


Leave a review for DAZL

Hi Guys 
We are writing our annual review April 2013- March 2014 and would like your feedback - let us know what impact DAZL has had on your life/ child's life or just what you think we do well  thank you all for your constant support! - click on hear on the Dance Action Zone Leeds, Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/danceactionzoneleeds add your review to the review section
Thanks Guys

DAZL Boys @ Making Men #TheVideo


Please Click on the Link above and watch the #MakingMen Showcase 2014 - Featuring The DAZL Boys, NSCD Boys, ReBuzz and Rotherham Youth Dance Schools Boys Project. The event was hosted by Hannah Robertshaw and her Yorkshire Dance team and we wish them and ReBuzz all the luck in the world continuing to develop and attract more boys to dance.



Joseph Lillywhite Fundraising Event - 26/4/14

DAZL is proud to be involved in a performance at The Merrion Centre, Leeds City Centre on Saturday 26th April for the amazing Joseph Lillywhite - Keep Smileing were all supporting you!

Please come and support Joeseph and the DAZL dancers at The Merrion Centre - 12-2pm

Well Done All DAZL Juniors for #FRESH2014

Massive Well Done to the DAZL Junior Dance Company - were all so proud of you for your performance of "Neon Lungs" at the West Yorkshire Playhouse on Saturday. We would also like to congratulate Phoenix Youth Academy and Street Beads, Doncaster for getting through to represent Yorkshire in Nottingham part of U:Dance 2014.

Well done - DAZL Outer South Community Showcase

Massive well done to all the young people who performed at the DAZL OUTER SOUTH SHOW, Wednesday 2nd April 2014 – Morley Town Hall - massive well done to the following






Westerton Primary School

Chrisie Emmonds Jamie Wong


Hilltop Primary School (Mondays Club)

Cherry Brown


Newlands Junior Dance 

Chloe Murray


Gildersome Primary School

Penny Murray


Hilltop Primary School (Tuesdays Club)

Cherry Brown


DAZL Youth Dance Company

Vicky Mawson


Blackgates Primary School

Emma Date


DAZL Senior Girls Hip-Hop

The Crew


DAZL Xtreme

Will Hunter 

Vicky Mawson


DAZL Junior Dance Company

Kayley Davidson/ Ian Rodley


Newlands Youth Dance

Chloe Murray


Revolution Junior Dance

Vicky Mawson



Kayley Davidson

 Ian Rodley

Cherry Brown

Vicky Mawson


The Project was all Funded by Outer South Area Committed – Youth ActivityFund which were so happy to have obtained

 Thank You to Councillor Judith Elliot, Councillor Bob Gettings, Councillor Lisa Mulherin, Councillor Wyn Kidger

Also a massive thank you to Wayne Sables for Filming the show, Leeds City Council Public health, Arts@Leeds and Child Friendly Leeds for supporting DAZLs work and finally and The Outer South Area Committed – Youth ActivityFund for enabling us to make this happen.

DAZL Easter Programmes 2014

DAZL Easter Programmes are now live on the website please click on this link http://www.dazl.org.uk/Classes-and-Events/Classes  please check out The DD Easter Programme and Outer South Programme.

Also weekly sessions running as normal

  • Inspire @ Richmond Hill
  • Inspire @ Ebor Gardens
  • Goldstars @ Searcroft
  • Goldstars in Gipton
  • Reload Dance Crew

Please click on the classes regular flyer or contact Laura at DAZL and she will send you one out laura.gunn@dazl.org.uk


Welcome NEW Dance Facilitator Vicky Mawson

DAZL Welcomes The New DAZL Youth/ Community Dance Facilitator who starts today - Vicky Mawson started off as a DAZL participant and has been supported by DAZL through professional dance training at collage and University to completing her degree in 2013. Throughout this time Vicky has worked as a freelance artist for DAZL and other organization building on her passion to create choreography; she has extensive knowledge and experience of working with challenging groups/ young people and communities. Vicky adopts a community development approach in her delivery and like her co-worker Cherry Brown is instrumental in developing the DAZL Diamonds Cheerdance/ Hip-Hop strand, Vicky also created the DAZL Youth Dance Company and continues to develop this strand of DAZL artistically with the support of the DAZL Artistic Director. Vicky’s is a NCSSE qualified Cheerdance/ Cheerleading Coach, her focus with DAZL is to develop community dance programs across the city’s most deprived areas and assist the DAZL Dance Leader in the CPD development. We are proud to say Vicky is living proof of the DAZL model and clearly demonstrates its success/ that it works. 


DAZL Boys @ Rotherham Making Men Dance Showcase

The DAZL Boys were so please to be involved in the Making Men Showcase on Sunday, this was a wonderful experiance for boys in dance......

We at DAZL would like to congratulate the other boys involved such as ReBuzz Youth Company, The NSCD CAT Scheme Boys, Swinton Community School, Lewis from Witerhill, Wath, Rawsmarch Community School and Choreographers/ Inspirers Craig Turner, Anthony Bayou and De-Napoli Clarke. THANK YOU - Hannah Robertshaw and her team at Yorkshire Dance and Adele from Rotherham Youth Dance Network for making it happen and having DAZL involved.


LETS HOPE THIS IS THE FIRST OF MANY ALL MALE PLATFORMS....  for more infor on making men please visit www.yorkshiredance.com  





Fresh 2014 a part of U.Dance, a sensational showcase of dance by young people aged 11-19 Which includes are very own DAZL Junior Youth Company, Saturday 5 April, 6.00pm for 6.15pm at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
Fresh, Yorkshire Dance’s annual celebration of youth dance features companies from across our region, two of which will be selected to represent Yorkshire at U.Dance 2014, Youth Dance England’s flagship event, staged this year at various venues around Nottingham in June.
As well as supporting the 200+ young performers taking part, Yorkshire Dance like you to help us launch PROMISE & PROGRESS, our new campaign to support young dancers across the region to find their talent, grow it and, possibly, take their first steps into a career in dance.
We have wonderful stories to share with you and we would love you to hear them directly from some young people who have benefitted from our support.
·         6.15pm – 7.00pm: have a drink with us and see performances in the foyer of West Yorkshire Playhouse…
·         7.00pm – 7.30pm: join us in the Congreve Room to hear inspiring stories from young dancers and discover more about PROMISE & PROGRESS…
·         7.30pm – 9.30pm: experience the amazing talent of youth dance companies from across the Yorkshire region in West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Quarry Theatre…
·         There will also be an interval reception in the Congreve Room.
The DAZL Junior Company will be performing their Dance & Health work (Neon Lungs) which is part of the DAZL #ASHtag Project. This is also accompanied by a film created by Wayne Sables, this is the groups first time creating and working with contemporary dance so they are extremely happy to be involved in the whole FRESH experience 

DAZL @ Phoenix Dance Theatres Community Youth Platform

DAZL is very excited to be part of the Phoenix Dance Theatres Community Youth Platform on Saturday 29th March, 7.30pm at: The Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre, Northern Ballet / Phoenix Dance Theatre building, 2 St Cecilia Street, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7PA

We’re delighted to be amongst the young dancers from all corners of our region in an evening’s celebration of youth dance; from contemporary to jazz, lyrical and hip hop! We at DAZL have the DAZL Youth Dance Company & The DAZL performing on stage with other groups such as Leeds City College, Bradford Youth Dance Company, Vivid Youth Dance Company, Doncaster Youth Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Illuminate Dance, Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Senior Academy, Hull Youth Dance Company, Cockburn School, Gipton Together, NSCD Youth Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Junior Academy.

Check out Phoenix Dance Theatre by visiting their website http://www.phoenixdancetheatre.co.uk

DAZL Boys @ Making Men Dance Showcase

DAZL is extreamly happy to be involved in the Making Men Dance Showcase 

Making Mencelebrates boys’ dance in Rotherham, which continues to thrive under a 3-year project funded by Provident Financial.

Making Men will draw together boys from across Rotherham to share work created alongside professional dance artists. This exciting showcase is the culmination of a 10-week outreach programme in partnership with local schools and community centres. The four satellite groups have been initiated to act as feeder groups into Rebuzz, a boys’ dance company established in 2013.

Rebuzz will be working later in the year on two intensive projects with guest artists such as Zoie Golding from Fuzzy Logic. The Rotherham Boys project promotes positive diversionary activity to boys aged 11-19 years in Wath, Herringthorpe, Swinton and Kimberworth. The project enables boys to access high quality dance provision, unlocking their creative potential and improving their communication and confidence through dance.

Making Men will be taking place at Rotherham College at 6.30pm on Sunday 30th March and will feature guest groups from across Yorkshire such as the Centre for Advanced Training Boys Group and our very own DAZL Boys.

This is fantastic for the DAZL Boys to be involved in and works wonderfully with the continuation our of work on Boys and Dance with the Leeds Metropolitan University and Dr Rebecca Watson - Please click the link below and find out more information on the Making Men Project


Full Video & Highlights of CFL Awards 2014

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOAwTnh4XlY&list=PLggQFjpTLgpJT80Y4ezLl_8pFSAKAxjhR - Full lenght Video of the Child Friendly Leeds Awards 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av6tFtiAzYE&list=PLggQFjpTLgpJT80Y4ezLl_8pFSAKAxjhR - Highlight and people thoughts on the Child Friendly Leeds Awards 2014

Please click on the Links about and watch DAZL at the 1st Ever Child Friendly Leeds Awards 2014 - Best Overall Contrabution To Child Friendly Leeds 2014 - Posted by Leeds City Council

DAZL Outer South Leeds Dance Activities. - Easter 2014

DAZL Outer South Leeds Dance Activities.

If you live in Rothwell, Tingley, East Ardsley or Morley then come & check out our half term sessions
Wed 9th & 16th April - Urban & Street Dance
at The Scout Hut, 45A Haigh Road, Rothwell, Leeds LS26 0LW
4pm - 4.45pm 3-6 years £2 per session
4.45pm - 5.45pm 7-11 years £2 per session

Fri 11th April - Street & Cheer
at St Gabriels Community Centre, Fall Lane, East Ardsley, Wakefield WF3 2BG
10am - 2pm 6-13 years £5 or £4 with a Breeze Card
Please bring a healthy packed lunch to this session

Thu 17th April - Street dance
at Newlands Methodist Church, Albert Drive, Morley, Leeds LS27 8SE
10am - 2pm 6-13 years £5 or £4 with a Breeze Card
Please bring a healthy packed lunch to this session


DAZL wins at Child Friendly Leeds Awards

Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL) wins main award of the evening at The Child Friendly Leeds Awards 2014 - best overall contribution to child friendly Leeds.

Councilor Judith Blake, executive member responsible for children’s services said: “The awards received hundreds of nominations, which goes to show how much fantastic work is going on in Leeds to make it a great place to grow up. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, they are shining examples of what it really means to be child friendly: great places for children to play and learn and listen to their voices so we change what we do, to make our city better.

“Becoming a child friendly city is something that everybody can get involved in. So many people across the city have got right behind our ambition and these awards are a great opportunity for us to recognized and celebrate their great work and achievements.” For DAZL it makes it even more special as these awards were selected by young people which is the real reason we are here. All the DAZL team are totally over the moon with this award and are so thrilled to receive such a fantastic award.

DAZL is committed to contributing to Child friendly Leeds and making children and young people the Centre of all there work - DAZL will also be working with the Voices and Influences team, having young people blog about events/ review classes and be a voice to shape the organisations activities.

We would like to thank everyone at The City Varieties, British Gas, Trinity Leeds and the Leeds Arena for supporting the event as well as all the young people and everyone who played a part in making this happen. And finally a massive well done to the DAZL Boys Cheerdance team for closing the show - Such a inspirational ALL MALE group, challenging stereotypes,perceptions and enabling other boys to feel inspired and passionate about DANCE ......


DAZL gets Outer South Area Committe Support

DAZL is please to announce that we have been successful in receiving funding for our Outer South Community Dance Programme from the Outer South Area Committee - Youth Activity Fund, the programme covers areas including Rothwell, East Ardsley, Tingley and Morley and enable DAZL to provide a progression route from afterschool dance club to community dance. The funding will also support a community dance platform which will happen just before the school Easter Holidays.

Please click on the on our regular classes page on the Outer South programmes for further details - why not come along and join us! http://www.dazl.org.uk/Classes-and-Events/Classes

DAZL @ The Works Skate Park

DAZL are teaming up with the Works Skate park to deliver a NEW Dance Programme in there wonderful NEW DANCE STUDIO - You can follow the Works on Twitter  and  click on this link  then click the works logo for activity with DAZL.

Tuesdays - 5-6 pm Contemporary (14-25 yrs)

Tuesdays 6-7 pm Advance Hip-Hop (14-25 yrs)

Half Term Tasters in Cheerdance, Contemporary, Hip-Hop for young people aged 11-19 yrs why not come join us.

DAZL @ Tingley Youth Centre (Feb Half Term)

DAZL will be running a full day of dance with performance at the Tingley Youth Centre Friday 22nd Febuary 2014

This has been supported by the Outer South Area Committee (Youth Activity Fund) This workshop is part of a bigger programme of activity which provided weekly sessions in Rothwell, Morley, Tingley and East Ardsley - Please visit out regular classes page and view the Outer South Programme for details

For February Half term at Tingley Youth Centre day -  http ://www.dazl.org.uk/sites/default/files/DAZL_Docs/DAZL%20Xtreme%20Feb%20Half%  20Term.pdf


Hi guys we are looking for a dance teacher to deliver an afterschool dance club at Gildersom Primary School on Monday 3.15-4.15pm from February -July 2014  with possible opportunities to more work with DAZL. Please contact Amanda at DAZL on amanda.noble@dazl.org.uk

This is now covered thank you!  

DAZL Feb Half Term Tinys, Mini Youths (3-11yrs)

Are you 3-11years and Love Dancing?

Please click on this link for all information on the DAZL Tiny, Mini & Youth Teams for February Half Term http://www.dazl.org.uk/sites/default/files/DAZL_Docs/DAZL%20Feb%20Half%20Term%20%28Tiny%2C%20Mini%2C%20Youth%29.pdf this is for young people aged 3-11years.

Cya all there!


DAZL Senior & Junior Groups Feb Half Term Intensive 2014

Hey Dancers,

DAZL Senior and Junior groups Timtable for Feb Half Term is now available please click on this link http://www.dazl.org.uk/sites/default/files/DAZL_Docs/DAZL%20Feb%20Half%20Term%20%28Junior%2C%20Senior%29.pdf for info. We will be running sessions from The Works Skate Park, Health For All (Tenants Hall) and Middleton Park FC (Cranmore Drive) Hope to see you all there guys. Please keep checking our regular classes page and Like us on Facebook - Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL)


DAZL Supports Leeds Lets Change

DAZL is supporting the Leeds Lets Change initiative please click on this link and sign up the website http://www.leedsletschange.co.uk/ lets make a change together! Please get intouch with us for information on how we can help you achive a healthier lifestyle, we will also supporting our parents to get more active so feel free to chat to you DAZL dance teacher about this.

This January Leeds is supporting the new Change 4 Life campaign ‘Smart Swaps’ to help families cut sugar and saturated fat from their everyday snacks, drinks and meals. Change4Life is calling on families across the nation to sign up to the smart swaps campaign and make one easy change – like swapping to a healthy school meal or swapping takeaways to cooking from scratch. Families who sign up to the national campaign will receive a FREE smart swapper full of healthier swap and meal ideas, money off vouchers and fridge magnets. All schools should automatically be receiving a “Smart Swaps” school resource pack with lots of creative ways in which the campaign can be embedded into the curriculum.

In Leeds we are running a local “smart swapathon” to coincide with the national campaign which will run from Monday 13th January until Friday 24th January. We have also made some suggested swaps that we are encouraging in Leeds to help you get started:

Let’s lets……

Make drink swaps – swapping fizzy pop for sugar free juice, milk or water

Make breakfast swaps – swapping no breakfast to healthy breakfast to start your day!

Make school meals swap – swapping to schools meals – if your audience is adults why not… promote good role modelling at meal times!

Make cooking swaps – swapping takeaways and ready meals to cooking from scratch – if people need help with cooking there are lots of support opportunities on the Leeds Lets Change website under healthy eating (www.leedsletschange.co.uk) including Jamie’s Ministry of Food Leeds based in Leeds Kirkgate Market.

Make Activity Swaps – finding new ways to be active - Why not join Leeds Let’s Get Active to gain access to free gym and swim sessions across the city 7 days a week as well as other activities in community venues including walking and family multisports? Register for free now as www.leedsletsgetactive.co.uk

What will your swap be??

Here’s how you can get involved in the Leeds Campaign:

 ·         Why not sign your school, organisation, staff team, group up to the campaign from 12pm on the 7th January at www.leedsletschange.co.uk/smartswaps to enter our totalizer challenge

DAZL on ITN at 6.30pm Tonight

Tonight Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL) are featured on ITVs main new ITN Evening news - they have been hear in Leeds interviewing people and organisations looking at what people are doing to combat obesity. Recent stats and information has shown the obesity and obesity related illnesses is one the most serious problems the Health Services is facing. The estimation show by 2020 over 50% of the population will be obese, tonight programme features DAZL and shows what we are doing to combat this.

Latest Classes by DAZL

Please click on the link and check out all the latest sessions by Dance Action Zone Leeds across the city in Local venues, all sessions are prices between £0 - £2.50p and we have a bittle bit of everything. Why not pop down to a class near you and give it a go!

Click this link  http://www.dazl.org.uk/Classes-and-Events/Classes all latest classes.

You can also LIKE Us on Facebook - Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL) or Tweet @dazl_diamonds

#ASHtag Arts and Health Show

Hi Friend,

You are invited to attend a special show hosted by Councillor Blake and Dr Ian Cameron. The performances will showcase the innovative and creative way that public health messages can be brought to life by young people in Leeds through dance and musical theatre.

This performance will be an opportunity to see wonderful thought provoking performances of Dr Terror Vision performed by Five Lanes Primary and #ASHTAG Dance & Health Project performed by Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL). #ASHTAG performed by Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL) The Public Health Department have commissioned DAZL (Dance Action Zone Leeds) to work with their dancers aged 9-18 in south, east & west Leeds to create an innovative engaging anti-smoking campaign. The talented DAZL dancers explored their own feelings and perceptions of smoking to create eye catching and thought provoking dances, photography and a dance film (Created with Wayne Sables Project) under the title #ASHTAG.

The overarching theme of #ASHTAG explores the negative impact smoking has on young people, especially young dancers whilst promoting the positive identity of being a young person who doesn’t smoke. Alol work has been commissioned by Leeds City Council Public Health - Gemma Manns Health Improvement Specialist

Show details The Carriageworks Theatre

On Tuesday 11th February At 5:30 – 7pm

To book your place at the VIP reception and performance please contact Ian.rodley@dazl.org.uk confirming 2 weeks before.

Gipton Goldstars Timtable 2014

Hi Guys hears the NEW timetable for January 2014 - December 2014 for all the competitive teams please read carefully at Age ranges, Times, Style of Dance and Venues as we don't wont you turning up to wrong sessions. All NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME!



Mondays session at St Nicks Church Hall, Oakwood Lane, Gipton, LS9 6QY

  •  5pm-6pm - Tiny Pom - Ages 3-5yrs, Boys & Girls Welcome, £2.50p Per Class 
  • 5pm -6pm - Mini/ Youth Hip-Hop Crew - Ages 6 -11yrs, Boys & Girls Welcome, £2.50p Per Class  

Thursdays sessions at Denis Heley Centre, Founry Mill Street, Seacroft, LS14 6RD

  •  4.30pm -5.30pm - Junior Hip-Hop Crew - Ages 12-15years, Boys & Girls Welcome, £2.50p Per Class 



Fridays at St Nicks Church Hall, Oakwood Lane, Gipton, LS9 6QY

  •  4pm-5pm - Tiny Pom  - Ages 3-5years, Boys & Girls Welcome, £2.50p per class
  • 4.30pm - 5.30pm - Open Cheer Technique for all (Mini - Junior Pom Teams) Ages 6 - 15years £2 Per Class 
  • 5.30pm - 6.30pm - Pom Teams (Minis, Youth Juniors) Ages 6-15yrs, Boys & Girls Welcome £2.50p Per Class 

ALL WELCOME PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US ON 0113 2706903 AND ASK FOR DAZL,07453 317254  for wendy (Assistant for team) or  OR EMAIL INFO@DAZL.ORG.UK  - we will be working towards our next comp on Sunday 4th May 2014


Please re-post and any new people are welcome to join the 2014 competitive squads

DAZL Diamonds Timetable Jan - Dec 2014

Hi Guys hears the NEW timetable for January 2014 - December 2014 for all the competitive teams please read carefully at Age ranges, Times, Style of Dance and Venues as we don't wont you turning up to wrong sessions. All NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME!



Mondays session at Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre, Acre Close, Middleton, LS10 4HX


  • 4.15-5pm - Tiny Hip-Hop - Ages 3-5yrs, Boys & Girls Welcome, £2 Per Class 
  • 4.15 - 5pm - Open Cheer Technique for all (Mini - Junior Pom Teams) Ages 6 - 15years £2 Per Class 
  • 5pm - 6pm - Pom Teams (Minis, Youth Juniors) Ages 6-15yrs, Boys & Girls Welcome £2.50p Per Class 
  • 6pm -7pm - DAZL Junior & Senior Youth Companys (Ages 10 -19years) Boys & Girls Welcome £1
  • 7pm - 8 pm - Senior Boys Pom  & Senior Girls Pom - (Ages 13 years + welcome) £2.50p Per Class 

Thursdays sessions at Middleton Park FC, Cranmore Drive, Belle Isle, Leeds, LS10 4AW

  • 4.-5pm - Youth Boys Hip-Hop - Ages 8-11years, Boys Only Crew, £2.50p Per Class 
  • 4 - 5pm - Mini Hip-Hop Crew (Boys & Girls welcome) Ages 6 -9yrs£2.50p Per Class 
  • 5pm - 6pm - Junior Hip-Hop Crew - Ages 11-14years, Boys & Girls Welcome, £2.50p Per Class 
  • 5pm - 6pm - DAZL MUMS - Ages 18yrs & above, £1 Per Class 
  • 6pm -7pm - DAZL BOYS Hip-Hop Crew (Ages 12yrs and above) Boys Only, £2.50p Per Class 
  • 7pm - 8 pm - Senior Advance Hip-Hop Crew (Boys & Girls welcome) Ages 13 yrs + , £1 per class


Saturdays at The South Leeds Youth Hub, Middleton Road, Belle Isle, LS10 3JA


  • 10-11am - Tiny Pom  - Ages 3-5years, Boys & Girls Welcome, £2 per class
  • 11am - 12noon - DAZL Open Hip-Hop class -  Ages 7 -11yrs (Boys and Girls Welcome), £1 per class


#ASHtag Dance and Health Film - KICK ASH

Please click the link below and check out the DAZL #ASHtag Dance and Health Film created by Wayne Sables Project for and  staring Dance Action Zone Leeds. The project has been funded by Leeds City Council Public Health - Health Improvement Specialist Gemma Manns 


DAZL @ RJC Dance Show

DAZL would like to thank RJC Dance for inviting us to be guest at your Xmas Show we loved been involved, the DAZL Senior Hip-Hop and Pom teams had a wonderful experience. The talent from all the young dancers was amazing and the NSCD venue was just wonderful.

We Hope to keep up the partnership in 2014

DAZL @ Celebrating Social Work Conference (Child Friendly Leeds)

DAZL today had the privilege to perform at the years Celebrating Social work conference, the DAZL diamonds entertained the delegates at the conference which was also supported by Child Friendly Leeds.


Check out the links below of the performances.



DAZL Community Show and Dance Leaders Qualification

On Saturday 7th December the DAZL Dance Leaders finished there Level 2 Leadership Award with a wonder final Show with young people from across Inner South Leeds. The Show and Programme was funded by the Inner South Wellbeing Fund and was attended by Cllr Judith Blake andCllr  Kim Groves who presented the Dance Leaders with there qualifications. We had 15 groups perform with over 200 young people which was absolutely fantastic - please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/dazldiamonds to view all the videos of the event and Cllr Judith Blake and Cllr Kim Groves presenting them with there certificates, this would not have been possible without the inner south area committee panel believing in the programme and for that we are extremely grateful.

Below Cllr Judith Blake and Cllr Kim Groves with the Newly qualified Dance Leaders

Young People - Your Area Panel Needs You!


Children & Young People...

Do You:
- access services in your local area?
- attend activities in your local area?
- meet up in your local area?
- feel safe in your local area?

Join the Youth Panel...
- Influence how money is spent...
- Help shape your local area...

Get in touch By Sunday 5th January!   - Click on Link above for Flyer

Change of Address - DAZL Office

DAZL has moved back to Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre, Acre Close, Middleton, Leeds, LS10 4HX

Office Number -  0113 2706903

Email - info@dazl.org.uk 

Health without wealth event - Performance #ASHtag

The DAZL #ASHtag Young People Smoking Project performed for around 100 health and care professionals from across Leeds, the event give details of the impact poverty has on health today at a conference featuring experts from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Children’s Society and the NHS.

The event focussed on finding practical and innovative ways to be more responsive to the challenges of poor health and poverty.

Experts highlighted the poor health issues that disproportionately affect people on low incomes and they looked at ways that use of innovation and best practice could provide solutions even while resources were under pressure.

Councillor Keith Wakefield, Leader of Leeds City Council, said:

“There’s a lot of good work around financial inclusion, budgeting and debt advice already taking place and we’re tackling loan sharks head on. With rising rates of social housing tenants in arrears and the effects of welfare reform starting to hit, the effect of poverty on the health of residents of all ages is a real and major challenge which we are committed to tackling.”

Cllr Lisa Mulherin, Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, said:

“The Health and Wellbeing Board is the forum for making health decisions in the city and we’re actively trying to find ways to reduce health inequalities and support more people back into work and healthy employment.

"But with over 30,000 children living in poverty in Leeds and a life expectancy gap of 12 years between the most and least deprived ward in the city, it is absolutely clear we need to do all we can to ensure health and care professionals are able and ready to respond, both to prevent poverty and to minimise its effect.”

Speakers included:
• Ruth Passman Deputy Director, Equality and Health Inequalities, Equality and Health Inequalities, NHS England),
• Dr Emma Stone (Director of Policy, Joseph Rowntree Foundation) and
• Damian Allen (Director of Children and Families, The Children’s Society)

They highlighted the importance of tackling a range of the most urgent health and poverty problems across the city, as well as discussing potential solutions with managers and practitioners from across the NHS, council and voluntary/community sector.

‘Health without Wealth: the health and care response to Poverty in Leeds’, was sponsored by the city’s Health and Wellbeing Board, and held at Leeds City Museum.

 DAZL was ask to perform and give the delegates a opportunity to look at other interesting and initiative ways of tackling health inequalities.



DAZL #ASHtag perform @ Health without welth conferance

DAZL have been asked to perform by Cllr Keith Wakefield (Leader, Leeds City Council) Cllr Lisa Mulherin (Chair, Leeds Health and wellbeing Board) at there Health Without Wealth event 5th December 2013 at Leeds City Museum

Aim: Leeds has recently embarked on a mission to ensure that all of its services and initiatives work together to reduce the pain of poverty and inequality across the city. There are a number of high profile strands of work around financial inclusion, budgeting and debt advice. To support and enhance these initiatives, Healthy Leeds is inviting health and social care professionals from across the city to come together to hear from national experts, and find practical and innovative ways to be more responsive to the challenges of poor health that disproportionately affect people on low income such as stress and mental ill-health, respiratory disease due to poorly heated homes and many more. Healthy Leeds aims to facilitate a conversation between health and care services to look at working together more effectively, as well as linking in to the other initiatives as part of a more holistic approach to improving health and wellbeing. 

 The DAZL #SHtag group will be performing there Dance & Health work around young people and smoking at this event at 10.30am Wednesday  


Cheer & Chant - Northern Dance Championships

A massive well done to the DAZL Diamonds and Gipton Goldstars who competed at this years Northern Classics Dance Championships 2013.

Hip-Hop Results

  1. Tiny Hip-Hop Champions - DAZL Diamonds
  2. Mini Hip-Hop Champions - DAZL Diamonds Girls Crew
  3. Youth Hip-Hop Champions - Gipton Goldstars
  4. Youth Hip-Hop 2nd Place - DAZL Boys Crew
  5. Junior Hip-Hop Champions - DAZL Diamonds Girls
  6. Junior Hip-Hop 2nd Place - Gipton Goldstars
  7. Senior Hip-Hop 2nd Place - DAZL Diamonds

Cheerdance Results

  1. Tiny Cheerdance Champions - Gipton Goldstars
  2. Tiny Cheerdance 2nd Place - DAZL Diamonds
  3. Mini Cheerdance Champions - DAZL Diamonds
  4. Youth Cheerdance 3rd Place - DAZL Diamonds
  5. Youth Cheerdance 4th Place - Gipton Goldstars
  6. Junior Cheerdance Champions - DAZL Diamonds
  7. Senior Cheerdance 2nd Place - DAZL Diamonds Girls
  8. Senior Cheerdance 5th Place - DAZL Boys
  9. Master 4th Place -DAZL Mums


Fantastic Result we are all so proud of you all Check out this link and watch all the YouTube Clips http://www.youtube.com/user/dazldiamonds Thank you to all supporters we couldn't do it without you!



DAZL Xmas Showcase Events

The Three DAZL Christmas showcase events this year will all be held at

The South Leeds Academy, Old Run Road, Leeds, LS10 2JU.


  1. The DAZL Winter School Show - Tue 3rd December 2013, starting at 6.30pm.  
  2. DAZL Xmas Community Show - Thursday 5th December 2013, starting at 6.30pm.
  3. The DAZL Inner South Leeds Show - Saturday 7th December 2013 at 1pm 


All tickets for all shows are priced at £3each, hope to see you all there and can be purchased through your schools (Office) or community dance tutor at your weekly sessions.

DAZL Xtreme Performing at Rugby World Cup

DAZL Xtreme on 8th November at the Rugby World Cup along with the wonderful RJC Dance, Yorkshire Dance well done for been so amazing cant wait for next match this Friday 15th November please click on this link and check out there wonderful work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBc4DweYzLE&sns=tw

Massive well done and thank you to Kayley Davidson and William Hunter for making this happen!


Office:  0113 270 6903
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