Community Dance Groups

DAZL has real focus on participation and reducing inequalities for children and young people across the city of Leeds most deprived areas. We provide activity which is based across the city in venues at the heart of the communities, below is information on these groups.

DAZL Xplode Classes –  Beginners Cheerdance, Breakdance & Street Dance Crews

DAZL Xplode Community dance classes are a series of open cheerdance & urban weekly dance session which happen at the following community centers and days. These sessions are open to all abilities and mainly supported by the community committees across the city




  • DAZL Xplode Swinnow at Swinnow Community Centre – Mondays 5-6.30 (6-10yrs) &  (11yrs+)
  • DAZL Xplode Farnley at Hillside Hall – Mondays 4.00-5.30 (6-10yrs) & 5.30-5.30 (11yrs+yrs)


  • DAZL Xplode Seacroft Street Crew at Kentmear Centre – Tuesdays, 5.15-6.15pm (6-12yrs)
  • DAZL Xplode at Richmond Hill Centre, Burmantofts – Tuesdays, 5-6pm (6-12yrs)
  • DAZL Xplode Thorpe at Thorpe Community Centre – Tuesday 4.30-5.30pm (5-11yrs)
  • DAZL Xplode Beeston at Watsonia Pavillion Community Centre, Crossflatts Park – Tuesdays 4.30-5.30pm (6-12yrs)


  • DAZL Xplode Cottingley at Cottingley Centre – Wednesdays, 5-6pm (5-12yrs)
  • DAZL Xplode Heights & Barns at Family of God Church, Heights Drive – Wednesdays, 5-6pm (6yrs+)
  • DAZL Xplode Rothwell, Scout Hut, Haige Rd – Wednesdays 4-5pm (3-6yrs & 7-12yrs)
  • DAZL Xplode Wortley at St John Church Hall- Wednesdays, 4.30-5.30 Cheerdance (6-10yrs & 11yrs+) & 5.30-6.30 Streetdance (6-10yrs & 11yrs+)


  • DAZL Xplode Bramley at Bramley Community Centre – Fridays 4-5pm Cheerdance for (5-8yrs & 9-13yrs) Streetdance, 5-6pm for (9-13yrs)


  • DAZL Belle Isle at South Leeds hub – Saturdays Streetdance, 9.30am-11.30am (6-12yrs)

Beginners/ Intermediate Cheerdance and urban dance styles such as Street/ Breakdance to young people 5-16 years helping them build confidence, self-esteem in a safe environment. Classes are run by a highly experienced Leeds based artists and supported by local  DAZL Young Dance Leader who are from the local communities, there’s scope for young people to be involved as participants and Youth Dance Leader/ Volunteers assisting the dance artist. The groups work in partnership with Leeds City Council and other local organisation which strengthens the work DAZL provides across the city.  They have many performance opportunities at community festivals, Health living galas in their areas and have holiday programmes through the year.  A large number of participants engage with DAZL’s other activity as a direct result of being involved in these programmes. The young people have the option to be involved in competitive dance, progression dance or to take part in dance drop-in sessions to give something for everyone.


DAZL Tingley Street Crew

IMG_0854DAZL Tingley is a community dance group which has been running since 2006 at the Tingley Youth Centre and welcomes any young person with an interest in dance & performing. The group learns Comercial inspired issue based creative performances which are generally about health and themes relating to young peoples social issues. The sessions are fun and accessible and open to all and have many performance opportunities run by DAZL Artist Chrisie Emmonds & Dance Leader Abbie Taylor.

DAZL Morley Street Crew

The DAZL Morley Street Crew has been running since 2008 and has been successful in engaging a loyal group of young people each week, the young people learn many different styles of dance. This is a fun session engaging young people from across Morley.  The group continues to attract young people who attend the weekly provision and school holiday provision, the group have performed in many showcases across the city and have support many of its students to continue their dance journey on to collages/ university.  The group is based at Morley Newlands Church run by DAZL Dance Artist Ste Johnson.

DAZL Rothwell Dance Crew

DAZL Rothwell Dance Crew has two strands 3 – 5 years #EarlyYears where children can explore movement/ streetdance together and also the 6-12 years dance group.  Rothwell Dance Group offers Streetdance/ Cheerdance and other dance forms and delivers it works out of the Scout Hut Rothwell, The groups have quickly built up a loyal following of participants and families members who have all had the opportunity to take part in performances in the local area and at Leeds City Centre performance venues. The group also have the opportunity to be involved in wider health opportunities that are catered for the whole family by DAZL and our partner organisations. Session run by DAZL Artsits Amy Smith & The Ruth Gorse Academy Student Fallon Cooper


DAZL Diamonds & DAZL Inspire Cheerdance/ Hip-Hop (DAZL Comp Teams)

IMG_0299For information on the DAZL Comp Teams please visit the competitive dance page. DAZL Inspire are based across East Leeds and DAZL Diamonds/ Boys are based in South Leeds. They are International championship winning Cheerdance and Hip-Hop Academy which also have a male equivalent Europes only all male Cheerdance and Hip-Hop strand the DAZL Boys.

DAZL Boys Classes

The DAZL Boys have gained worldwide success and building on this we have introduced an all Male Youth Company using contemporary dance techniques. For more information on this please visit the  DAZL Boys page, The boys sessions are based across South Leeds in Belle Isle and Middleton but we also have boys dance sessions which are part of DAZL Xplode strand and soon DAZL Inspire.


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  • Competitive Dance Competitive Dance DAZL Diamonds & DAZL Goldstars are the official championship winning Cheerdance / Hip-Hop Teams of DAZL.
  • Community Dance Groups Community Dance Groups Throughout the year a large number of participants have engaged with DAZL’s other activity as a direct result of being involved various programmes.
  • Disability Dance Disability Dance The DAZL VINE Cheerdance Project starting in January 2011, the aim of this programme is to deliver Cheerdance to young people between 14 and 24 years.
  • DAZL Boys DAZL Boys We offer many opportunities for boys of all ages from 3 year old upwards, in all types of styles to suit the physical aspects of dance that interest boys.
  • Schools Schools DAZL’s Active 4 Life programme aims to increase involvement of inactive children by offering a range of fun activities delivered with an inclusive ethos.

"DAZL has built up my daughters confidence, it’s very good and recommendable" – Parent DAZL Xtreme

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Classes across Leeds for anyone aged 3 -25 years. We're here to make sure you have fun even if you've never danced before. DAZL can introduce you to all kinds of dance; Street / Cheerdance / Hip-Hop/ Breakdance/ Creative /Jazz and Contemporary and more.... Express yourself, you'll have a great time make new friends, not to mention keeping fit whilst filling you with confidence!