Meet The DAZL Team

Meet the Team





Child Friendly Leeds

DAZL are proud ambassadors of Child Friendly Leeds, and put local young people at the heart of everything we do. We have an ongoing commitment to support, train and nurture young talent to enable them to have the knowledge and experience to have a  career in the Arts. We listen to young people’s voices and let that influence what we include in our Activity plans. We understand the communities that we work and those with barriers to provision and dedicate our time to nurture them through our DAZL model, contributing towards them achieving their goals and moving them towards a career in the Arts or further/higher education.

We are commitment to training local people our Dance Leaders and gifted young people with a passion for leadership aged 14-17yrs & 18-21. Asisting those who are undertaking vocational dance training whilst been support by staffing team..


Try a DAZL dance session

Classes across Leeds for anyone aged 3 -19 years and 25 years with a disability. We’re here to make sure you have fun even if your new to dance. DAZL can introduce you to all kinds of dance…. Express yourself, you’ll have a great time make new friends, not to mention keeping fit whilst filling you with confidence!